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Works on the theme « revised and corrected » through the prism Animal. The artist incorporates into his subject different sorts of paper materials (Kraft, filter, silk and rice) stained by a decoction of spices and pigments then glued onto wood (Exodus - 1997, Le meilleur de l'ours - 1998 ).
Beginning with the exhibitions RIVA (Canots à moteur Italien) in 2000, he recentres his work on polished wood (La Storia, le mythe de Circé - 2000) and succeeds in developing his sculpture in parallel relating to these themes.

CYCLE 2 – 2002 to 2009: FIGURATIONS

Works on the human identity, « Figurations » with the artist's memory as the sole point of departure and unique support.
He shows the intimate psychology of the individual at a precise and important moment of his existence, seizing a complete and essential reality in the portraits often with the eyes closed, expressing a certain discretion and leaving certain things unsaid

Period 2005 to 2008: THE HINGE

2005 is a pivotal year in the construction of the artist's work: the materiel (wax and pigments) generously applied, surpasses the subject in its expression of emotion. The underlying idea refuses nostalgia and emerges from an eternal gravity tinged with melancholy.
The blue which had been muted makes its appearance in a more sustained manner and plays a more important rôle (
Ronde - 2007), punctuating the painter's work through phases of construction/deconstruction to the point of purifying the support in 2009.
Representing Monaco at the
Olympiades de la culture, , Expositions Officielles de TOROC (Organising Committee of the XX Winter Olympics in Turin 2006), considerably establishes his technique. One senses an undeniable ease in the technical structure of the works, which shows the artist's vigour and generosity, linking it to the search for meaning and language in the painting. Certain « Majors » appear during this period (Fadhia - 2006 et Mariele - 2005 which take a year to research, construct and perfection).



Period 2002-2004: MUTATIONS

The cycle of animal paintings ends with an attempt at mutation; the human figure appears in a spiritual dimension linked to the personal experience of the artist at this period.
The exhibition at the Fondation d'Art of the « Château de la Napoule » announces a change of direction of an extremely dense period which ends in 2003.
In parallel his sculptures remain faithful to the animal figure and even become more Complex by group subjects and a monumental dimension for some works like « Petite piste, long chemin » (7 meters long).

Period 2009: THE PASSAGE


His desire to simplify his work, its forms and lines, pushes him towards a more plastic research of its identification and creation with the use of Ceramic: this is a « Revolution » particularly in his sculpture materialised in an installation in situ at an Artists' Residence TRACES on the island of Gavrinis in the Morbihan.
On his return his work gains in inspiration, the whole is based on the concept of space (
L'Armor Baden - 2009) and on a preponderance oriented towards « design » (Moldovan - 2009). To close the cycle the artist pushes his logic of immersion in blue to its utmost limit (VA-innée, VA-nessa et Jeune fille à la poupée - 2009).