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Born on 7 July 1967 at la Seyne-sur-mer. His decision to become an artist was taken during adolescence, a turning provoked by meeting the painter Edouard PIGNON.

He searches for a radical and close relationship with certain materials – leather, wood, soil, spices, soap and wax are some of them.

At this time he lives near Toulon where manual work is in its death throes. A reality which transforms his art. His intentions are serious; his malaise is introspective..

First exhibitions at Toulouse, Zurich, Berlin; he finishes his university studies at Nice, takes part for a time in regional artistic movements such as the new school of Nice, Art Mobile, Alerte and Nomade, then decides to settle in the Principality of Monaco.

After a cycle of rewriting human history through the figure of the animal (sculpture and painting 1996-2002) he devotes himself to representations, especially portraits, pursuing in the subject matter a human identity full of pathos and of hope, mirror of a simple and straightforward otherness.

Working with simple materials such as wax, spices, pollens and pigments, and using experimental techniques like an Alchemist, real value is finally achieved.

His works are captivating and never leave one indifferent.

« I always produce portraits from a reconstructon from memory, thus translating the interior and the psychology of the individual at a precise moment of his intimate history. I search for the essence of his entire personality in a portrait with eyes closed or hidden ».